Täysin uusi Ray Ban reverse aurinkolasi

Vanha kohtaa uuden. Klassikko mallit saivat uuden twistin linssin uudesta suunnittelusta. Ole edelläkävijä ja Tule Huomatuksi !



The very first of its kind. The past meets the future.
Timeless Ray-Ban icons are re-envisioned with a twist that nobody expected. We’ve shifted the conventional lens shape for convex to concave through unique production technology.
For nearly 90 years, Ray-Ban has been at the cutting edge of eyewear innovations, while at the same time firmly establishing itself as an icon of the industry with values based on authenticity, timelessness, and courageousness.

Now, it is taking another step in asserting itself as an innovative lifestyle brand, reaffirm

ing the power to innovate, redefining the future of the eyewear category. Inspired by avant-garde design and fluid identities, Ray-Ban is venturing into disruptive aesthetics, showing off the courage to go beyond boundaries with a revolutionary new product that is still deeply rooted in the brand’s values. This disruptive lens shape does not sacrifice quality, maintaining the sharpest and accurate vision experience. Thanks to the innovative digital engineering process, the mold for the lens was designed to achieve a perfect harmony between the front and rear surfaces, as well as the highest standard of optical vision

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